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Who we are and what we can offer you.

Starting a business? Need a space for meetings? Looking for opportunities to network? Wessex House is a space designed to meet the needs of the Hungerford community and surrounding areas.


Our modern work space offers a variety of uses for individuals or small businesses. Equipped with a range of amenities and clean facilities, our office is the perfect place for brainstorming, networking, having meetings and getting work done. ​


At Jon Shatford Business Support Services, we are a small family run business that has been in full operation since ... As our business grew over the years, we needed a bigger space to facilitate us. Taking on a lovely new office with some extra room, we thought we'd offer out that space to local individuals or businesses that would be interested in booking. 


We are very quiet, tidy and friendly offering tea, coffee and separate male/female toilets.  

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